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Ever wondered what type of career pathway an apprenticeship or traineeship can take you on? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer! Now you can get real life insights from Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors about where completing an apprenticeship or traineeship has taken them!

The Real Stories Real Achievements videos share the inspirational journeys of people that have found career success through vocational education and training.

So what are you waiting for? Find the video below that matches where you want your career to take you and find out how an apprenticeship or traineeship can get you there!

For more information on how you can get started in an apprenticeship or traineeship, contact us.

The Carpenter: Richard's Story

The Plumber: Ross’ Story

The Chef: Colin’s Story

The Electrical Fitter Mechanic: Sarah's Story

The Electrical Linesman: Joshua’s Story

The Diesel Mechanic: Joel's Story

The Fitter and Machinist: Melinda's Story

The Field Service Diesel Fitter: Luke’s Story

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer: Rachel’s Story

The Automotive Mechanic: Sevag's Story

The Hairdresser: Sara’s Story

The Estimator: Warwick’s story

The Learning Support Assistant: Eylish's Story

The Human Resources Administrator: Ashleigh's Story

The Aged Care Worker: Caitlin's Story

The Veterinary Nurse: Jessica’s Story

The Sign Writer: Mitchell's Story

The Baker: Morgan’s Story

The Process Chemist: Joshua's Story

The Farmer: Alistair’s Story

The Motorcycle Mechanic: Sharine’s Story

The Restaurant Manager: David’s Story

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