Queensland Women’s Week 2016

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Queensland Women’s Week 2016

In 2016 Queensland has expanded International Women’s Day celebrations into a week-long, state-wide series of events and activities called Queensland Women’s Week. The week recognises and celebrate the achievements of all Queensland women! Held from 7th – 13th March, Queensland Women’s Week is an opportunity to highlight the unique achievements of women from all over the state.

The theme of Women’s Week for 2016 is ‘Good for her. Great for us. When women achieve, Queensland succeeds’. As a proud Queensland based organisation, MRAEL Group is fortunate to work with so many dedicated, inspiring and motivated women. From young women paving the way for future generations in traditional trade areas and industries, to women leading programs and initiatives that support the creation of new education, training and employment opportunities for their peers, we have so many examples of Queensland women leading the achievement of our state. In celebration of Queensland Women’s Week for 2016, we are pleased to be able to share just some of their stories.

A fixture in the Mackay beauty industry for twenty years, GINA.T Hair and Beauty has provided apprenticeship opportunities to over 30 aspiring hairdressers. Committed to providing the highest quality training opportunities to their apprentices, the salon is recognised as one of the best in Mackay.

Codie Ebner is a young woman proving that traditional trades aren’t just for the boys. She is currently completing a fitting and turning apprenticeship and is employed by MRAEL Group and hosted to David Brown Gear Industries in Mackay.

Linda Parchert is currently working towards completing a Certificate III in Engineering – Mechanical Trade (Diesel Fitting). Linda is employed by MRAEL Group and hosted to Carlisle Tractors and Trucks in Mackay.

Khrysilla Backo completed a glass and glazing apprenticeship at Porters Glass and Aluminium in Mackay. She had some very motivating personal reasons for choosing the apprenticeship pathway that she did.

Chloe Nobes completed an electrical apprenticeship at Rio Tinto Hail Creek Mine, employed by MRAEL Group. She was the first female apprentice electrician on site at Hail Creek Mine and whilst completing her apprenticeship also commenced an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering.

Sally Wilmot is a young woman that loves her job. Currently employed by MRAEL Group and hosted to Peabody Coppabella Mine, Sally is celebrating a major milestone today that perfectly coincides with the theme of this year’s Queensland Women’s Week – the completion of her diesel fitting apprenticeship.

Since 2007, Rio Tinto Hail Creek Mine in partnership with MRAEL Group has facilitated an indigenous traineeship program across the Mackay region to build capability and real jobs employment for traditional owners in the region.