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Your personal information will be held in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Privacy Acts. By creating a profile you are agreeing to receive notifications about our Australian Apprenticeship Support Network, including links to resources and information to support your career goals. Personal information collected is used to determine your suitability and make recommendations on the most compatible vocational career path you are suited to. It is also used for provision of, statistical reporting on, and administration of Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Gateway Services.

By continuing with the creation of your profile, you agree to MRAEL conducting pre-employment screening checks as deemed necessary to assist in our recruitment process, and to assess your suitability to utilise MRAEL’s Gateway Services. Through Gateway Services, MRAEL will assist you to achieve your career goals and preferences. You may be contacted to discuss, and be provided with information on, this process. The person who contacts you may be from MRAEL or from an organisation that MRAEL has identified as being able to assist you. There are no fees or charges for this service at any time.

This information is saved in electronic format securely on our database. It may also be recorded in the Australian Government’s secure TYIMS / AAMS database, meaning it may be disclosed to, and used for these purposes by, the Australian Government including Department of Education and Training, State Training Authorities including Department of Education and Training, and Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Providers. We may also disclose your personal information to other organisations, such as Registered Training Organisations, in the event that we identify through the Gateway Services that they are able to assist you with this process.

You will be provided with a login which will allow you to access and update your own information within records held by MRAEL at any time. To remove your account entirely from our records please contact us.

If you want to know more about our privacy practices, please read our Privacy Policy, available at

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