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Step 1. Create a Recruitment Profile

To apply for any vacancy with MRAEL, you first need to create a ‘Recruitment Profile’. This profile includes answering some basic questions about your skills and interests so that we can better determine your suitability for a position.

Please note, If you have previously completed MRAEL’s Gateway Registration, then you will simply need to sign in and update your profile (rather than create a new one) as we will have your previous information already stored in our system.

Step 2. Complete any relevant testing

Complete any pre-employment testing as indicated in the job vacancy you’re wanting to apply for.

Step 3. Apply

Click the ‘Apply’ button next to the vacancy you’re wanting to apply for. It’s important you carefully read the information below and ensure you have all of the required documents available before you begin. You will not be able to complete your recruitment profile without the required information.

  • Access to a computer or other electronic device that has the ability to upload documents throughout the registration process;
  • An up-to-date version of your resume;
  • Copies of any completed or partially completed certificates. For example, high school certificates, pre-vocational certificates and results of assessment. If you aren’t able to provide these at the time of completing your Candidate Profile, you may attach them at a later time;

Remember, there are no wrong answers when creating your MRAEL recruitment profile and we encourage you to answer the questions as openly and honestly as possible. Doing so will assist us to be able to provide you with the best possible information, resources and support to achieve your career goals. Ready to get started?

By creating your recruitment profile, you agree to MRAEL conducting pre-employment screening checks as deemed necessary to assist in our recruitment process.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email to your nominated email address containing further information about your recruitment profile and information on how to complete further pre-employment assessments. Please ensure to read the email carefully and complete the required testing as indicated on the job vacancy you wish to apply for. Failure to do so might result in your application not being reviewed or assessed correctly.

Please read the Candidate Privacy Statement to understand how MRAEL will handle your personal information.

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