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Changes to User Choice Funding now make it more attractive than ever for businesses to take on existing staff as apprentices or trainees.

Some recent news has come through from the Queensland Department of Education and Training that has us excited!

As of January 1st 2017, the rules surrounding User Choice Funding in Queensland have changed so that even more existing workers within an organisation are now eligible to receive funding.

What is User Choice Funding?

User Choice Funding is the stream that the Queensland Government provides in order to fund some or all of the costs associated with the delivery of training required under apprenticeships and traineeship arrangements.

The amount of funding provided varies based on a ‘Priority’ classification assigned to the apprenticeship or traineeship qualification. Basically, apprenticeships or traineeships deemed by the Queensland Government to be of more critical importance to the state will be eligible for a higher amount of funding contribution. Funding contribution varies from 75% to 100%.

What does this mean for business owners?

Prior to this change, existing workers within a business were only eligible to attract User Choice Funding if they undertook a Priority 1 apprenticeship or traineeship. Existing workers who undertook Priority 2 or 3 apprenticeships and traineeships would need to have their employer pay the full costs of training on a fee for service basis, or cover them independently.

Under this new arrangement however, existing workers within a business are now able to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship with the business, and regardless of whether the apprenticeship or traineeship is a Priority 1, 2 or 3, their employer will be eligible for this funding when previously they would not have been.

This means taking on an existing staff member as an apprentice or trainee is now much easier, and less of a financial burden for employers.

How can we help?

MRAEL ACE Apprenticeships Centre can provide expert advice when it comes to taking on apprentices and trainees, and offers FREE eligibility tests for businesses.

To learn more about these changes and how your business could benefit, speak with us today

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