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Targeted services are designed to provide additional assistance to identified employers and individuals to support them to successful completion of an apprenticeship or traineeship. Targeted services are split into two streams, Gateway and In-training Support.

Gateway Services

MRAEL will provide Gateway services that will assist eligible individuals to understand what career pathways are available to them, and which are most suitable based on their skills, interests and experience. Gateway services are tailored to the needs of each eligible individual, meaning MRAEL will assist these individuals with information, advice and referrals specific to helping them achieve their personal career goals.

MRAEL’s specialised Gateway services are designed to match jobseekers to the right Australian Apprenticeship and the right employer to increase satisfaction, retention and completion rates.

Gateway services can also assist jobseekers to pursue alternative vocational education and training pathways where an apprenticeship or traineeship may not be suitable. It’s all about opening the ‘gate’ to help those recognise and unlock their potential and achieve career success in the industry which is most suited to them!

In-training Support

MRAEL will provide In-training Support services to identified employers, apprentices and trainees to ensure that both employers and apprentices stay committed to achieving successful completion.

Tailored to meet the needs of individual employers, apprentices and trainees, In-Training Support services will assist in overcoming challenges that may arise throughout the duration of an apprenticeship or traineeship. This support may be a one-off, temporary or long term depending on the need throughout the apprenticeship.

In-training services may include:

  • A combination of face to face, over the phone or online communication with apprentices and/or employers;
  • Tailored support plans including mentoring and pastoral care to address the needs of the individual;
  • Creating work plans to help employers implement good work strategies;
  • Provision of information and advice including financial management and employment relationships;
  • Advice, guidance and linkages on broader specialised services such as counselling, additional learning support, crisis accommodation etc.; and
  • Working with State Training Authorities (STAs) regarding workplace issues, dispute resolution or regulatory matters.

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